Can you watch The Magicians on Netflix?

While The Magicians will eventually head to Peacock, it will remain on Netflix for the time being. This is because it is in a legacy contract.

Can you watch The Magicians on Netflix?

While the magicians will eventually head to Peacock, it will remain on Netflix for the time being. This is because it is in a legacy contract. However, you can see all the titles that will be leaving Netflix for Peacock here. Are you ready to relive the magic? Maybe you've been waiting for the release of Netflix to watch the entire final season.

It's almost time to watch the fifth season of The Magicians on Netflix. For those not initiated with The Magicians, it is one of the best science fiction series on television that doesn't get the attention it deserves. Alliances are forged and enemies are made when best friends Quentin and Julia take an entrance exam at Brakebills, a secret university for magicians. But unfortunately, the streaming powerhouse can't save them all, and everyone will have to wait to see what the future of the sixth chapter of The Magicians holds.

It's no wonder that people want to know more about the status of The Magicians, especially when it comes to season 6, so below is all the information fans should know about the future of the fan-favorite fantasy series. Big shows don't come cheap, and it seems that was one of the reasons why Los Magicians got the axe before they could reach the coveted status of season 6.Unfortunately, it doesn't look like The Magicians will be coming to Netflix in any other region in the near future. There is no denying that fans of the Syfy series, which is very popular on Netflix, would not be disappointed by more episodes, a spin-off or even feature films that tell more exciting stories from the fascinating world of The Magicians. Designated Survivor lived up to its name before disappearing after an iteration of entries on Netflix, but Lucifer emerged from the underworld to become one of the most watched and talked about series on the streaming service.

The show's popularity on the streamer could mean that one day Netflix might decide that season 6 of The Magicians should happen, and fans should be relieved to find that, as mentioned above, if the call for more episodes comes, McNamara stated in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that there is a plan ready to execute if anyone has the money to make that magnificent dream come true. Of course, this is just speculation and a little wishful thinking, but it's always fun to imagine “what if, especially when it comes to The Magicians”. The fifth season of The Magicians was never intended to be the last, but there is good news that comes with it. There is no way to determine when The Magicians would shoot its sixth season in case the order came, but it's good to know that another way out has been discussed, so if plans were to come up to start filming, it wouldn't be long in the development stages as far as having to start from scratch to where the story could disappear.

It's very sad news that things didn't work out for the sixth season of The Magicians, but it seems that the end was approaching, according to co-creator John McNamara during his meeting with TVInsider. Julia and Penny feel the surge of magic as Brakebills catches the wave of new wizards, and Eliot and Margo drink in the scene of the Dark King.