Is The Magicians a scary show?

It's definitely fantasy, with all the spells and crowns and centaurs. Except that it is also horror, shockingly bloody horror, with throats cut and limbs cut almost weekly.

Is The Magicians a scary show?

It's definitely fantasy, with all the spells and crowns and centaurs. Except that it is also horror, shockingly bloody horror, with throats cut and limbs cut almost weekly. The Magicians is rude and cheesy; sometimes, it's horrible. In cut-out fragments, the series shows its fictional multiverse as worlds in the form of a Froot Loop that are devoured by a black hole.

Even so, it successfully balances stupidity with these deadly stakes because it's full of characters complex enough to keep viewers interested in everything peculiar. At a time when many of us feel isolated and afraid, it is a gift to see a group of friends fighting to save something as frivolous as it is magical and as vital as the others. Welcome to a mysterious place where magic exists along with dark consequences for the undisciplined magician. This world is presented to Quentin Coldwater (Jason Ralph), an outcast obsessed with a series of fantasy novels called Fillory.

When a secret school for the gifted recruits him, Quentin discovers that his obsession carries more truth than fiction. This is not Harry Potter's Hogwarts for children and young adults. This is The Magicians, a much darker story about Brakebills, a school for the gifted. It is a place where wizards with natural abilities can hone and develop their skills and unlock the secrets of real magic.

Some die-hard Harry Potter fans and critics may see this as an imitation of Harry Potter. Credit Rowling for developing such a successful franchise, I could never find much interest in his famous series. Having been one to gravitate more towards darker stories within the genres of horror, thriller, mystery and fantasy, Potter and his friends seemed to lack a background dark enough for my taste. While most Harry Potter tales included dangerous outcomes for the misuse of magic, most of the stories addressed a younger audience.

This is not a case for The Magicians, where the misuse of magic has far more deadly results. Combining elements from several works of the fantastic genre, The Magicians creates its own world. With light humor from time to time, constant and gradual revelations of a mysterious world hidden in the dark shadows of reality are revealed. With Brakebills hidden by neighborhoods and spells in upstate New York, it is revealed that there are other groups in the secret and dark underworld of magic.

Individuals with knowledge of magic, many driven by their desire for power, not only form hedge witch groups, but another group known as the Free Trader Beowulf. The Magicians, which depicts brutal death scenes, psychological twists, drama and the corruption of humans and magic alike, portrays the rebellious years of college without ignoring its cheesy fantasy side infusing humor into its story. Through drugs, spells, sex and alcohol, Brakebills students discover dark secrets as they fight with their personal demons. Winning 7.5 out of 10 on IMDb and 79% on Rotten Tomatoes, this is a series that horror fans should watch on Netflix.

Tags: Brakebills Dark Fantasy Jason Ralph Lev Grossman Stella Maeve Syfy The Wizards. Of all these, Penny's story seems to most likely shake up the show in the future. No matter what happens, you can't have a show called The Magicians if the magic is extinguished. O'Byrne always brings such cheerful nihilism to his turns as Mayakovsky, and while he's clearly putting Penny through his footsteps for some more significant reason, it never feels like stepping on the water.

That's Mayakovsky's thing. However, the contrast between his attitude towards his alliance with Emily and his continued inability to overcome it couldn't be more brutal. Tonight's episode of The Magicians was an excellent example of how to juggle multiple stories without losing momentum in any of them. Parents should know that The Magicians is based on a trio of best-selling novels by Lev Grossman about a group of young adults and their years living dangerously in Brakebills, an elite school for the magically gifted.

If Harry Potter found out that he was a wizard right before he applied to Yale, and he also had a big obsession with Narnia, and then he was in a wizard school where the dean of the university had his eyes gouged out by a mysterious and evil something from another dimension, then in reality it would be Quentin Coldwater and you would be seeing the new and dark fantasy drama by Syfy The Magicians. Pursued by the knowledge that something bigger exists, Julia is recruited by a group of renegade wizards known as hedge witches. Thus, The Magicians observes magic through a dark lens, the lens of someone who struggles with desires at war, with the fulfillment of desires, on the one hand, and the cold and harsh realities of life, on the other. As Quentin embarks on a journey of self-discovery and grows as a magician with a group of other Brakebills students, Julia sets out on a very different path to understanding a world that has caused her to be rejected for the first time in her life.

The Magicians' impressive special effects and creative storytelling help compensate for a derivative premise and sometimes a slow pace. With a new gap in this carefully woven team, much of the last season oscillated between mourning and apocalypse, with plot problems that threatened to cut the fabric between the many worlds of The Magicians. Following the procedure, Brakebills will erase Julia's memory of the school of wizards, but without knowing it he is unsuccessful. Instead, The Magicians turned Quentin into a mere entry point into a series of ensemble driven battles to save the magic of Earth and Fillory.

At THE MAGICIANS, Quentin Coldwater is a clinically depressed student about to graduate from college whose fantasy life provides him with little comfort as he faces adulthood. Kady (Jade Tailor), a rudimentary wizard character created for the show, becomes the defender of amateur cover witches and evolves, through pain, into a mature stoicism. With so many people currently looking for escapism in all its forms, Syfy's The Magicians is a fantastic binge, an all-consuming experience with enough light to distract attention from the global pandemic.